Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cracking a Beer.

And just as I was ready to pop the cap on the first Heineken (not my favourite, but it’s what I have), I realised that there was no bottle-opener in the apartment.  I searched the drawers, found the alcohol-unfriendly can-opener, designed to keep such as myself dry as the Sahara.  Found the wine-bottle opener, the most awkward design in the world, bottle-cap-thingy missing completely.  I’m buying a Swiss Army knife immediately.
It’s a good thing I learned how to pop bottles open with my keys in Grad school.
I am drinking this beer, I am enjoying it.  Here are my reasons, both celebratory and anti-social:
  1. boring day at work
  2. nothing else do to when I get home
  3. desire to sin in my roommate’s apartment
  4. moving out of my apartment in 2 days
  5. I miss my boyfriend
  6. got an awesome valentine from my great friend Elaine in the mail (hahaha! love.)
  7. got amazing photos of E and the 10-year-old for New Year's
  8. stressing because I got some kind of ‘credit help’ thing from some company because of an allegedly unpaid UPS shipping charge that is apparently now Fr.98, which I don’t understand, and so
  9. I am essentially a fugitive of Swiss credit companies, 
  10. which is very scary, 
  11. and makes me want to get out of switzerland immediately.
  12. I’m leaving switzerland in under two weeks - YES!
  13. I miss my friends
  14. I need a job
  15. spring is coming
  16. I’m cooking (alcohol is almost de rigeur when cooking)
  17. doing laundry so that tomorrow night after work I can pack 
  18. trying to figure out what to do with my luggage while I travel
  19. trying to sell my friend’s g.d. bike, which she left with me in December, and which I thought would be taken care of by now, but which is not taken care of, and so she’s giving my email address out to random strangers who are now pestering me to see the bike, but I don’t have time for that now and am not planning to go out of my way to show this bike to people because I really don’t give a sh*t at all, and also because it’s overpriced and crappy.
wow, where’s that beer at?

ugh, 20.  elevator's broken and have to take pics of this stupid bike, which is down 10 flights from my apartment.
Second beer, chatted to a friend from Minnesota about my Swiss credit issues.  Feel better.  I’ve decided that the Swiss police will not break my door down before next Friday, when all of my belongings will officially depart from this establishment.  In my defense, I emailed the woman indicated on the second notification of owing UPS money, to find out wtf was going on, and got no reply from her.  Why put the address on there if there’s no responding to inquiries?  So inefficient. 

I’ve also replied to half a dozen see-the-sh*tty-bike requests tonight, and one interested person who may rent my room in Montreal.  Oh yeah,

21. I have to get someone to sub-let my Montreal room from March until June
Going for my third beer now, but fear that my roomie is actually *in the kitchen* right now.  I also need to get laundry out of the washing machine, but she has taken up both drying racks with her stuff.  Therefore, the drawers will hang open with socks drying on their edges tonight.  Maybe it will make the air in here a smidgeon less dry.
It's nice to not be drinking these beers alone tonight; I’m sharing them with my internet friends - my friends in America, the GMT-6 and GMT-8 Crews.  That makes me feel better.  Muse makes me feel better too.  And these guys, these guys are great.

The guys from BrewDog, with their brand-new Sink the Bismark beer:
41% Alcohol, quadruple IPA, not for the faint of heart

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  1. boy. a beer sounds good.

    also, what the hell? you live on top of 10 flights of stairs? dear lord jesus.

    "i want to sin in my roommate's apartment." i laughed out loud.