Wednesday, February 17, 2010

On The Road Again

I just can wait to be on the road again
The life I love is making music with my friends,
And I can't wait to be on the road again!

Behold: my belongings!

Ordinarily, leaving a place causes me deep pain and sadness.  Especially somewhere that I've lived for six eventful and life-changing months.   Tellingly, I feel no speck of sadness in moving from 12 Chemin du Champ D'Anier.  

When I moved in I was psyched to be in a new place and to have such a sweet apartment, with a killer view of mountains, a big balcony, and tons of space. 

The view from my Balcony - these are the Jura, in France

It did not turn out to be such a sweet living space after all, and i'm itching to be done with it - the sooner the better, and if I could move tonight I would do it.  That's a sad thing in itself.  I have no regret, however; there's nothing I could have done differently, and moving my things now is exactly the right choice.  

Change of this kind is good anyway.  It's an adventure.  It keeps you on your toes, makes you resourceful, and reminds you how so much of life is in the hands of Chance.  Packing all of your belongings into two suitcases is also a healthy exercise in some ways.  It's a sort of minimalist project, and forces you to sometimes choose between articles that can stay and those that must go.  

Clearly, I don't *only* have two suitcases of stuff.  I have many more things at home - spread out all over the place actually, at my mum's, my partner's, and my own apartment - but I've been living with only what I can fit into two suitcases each under 25 kg for 9 months now (in fact, the first three months were spent living out of only one suitcase).  It now seems like a luxury to imagine all of my stuff in the same place.  To be honest, I can't recall some of the things that must be in my closet.  I wonder what I didn't bring with me.  I'm a ruthless culler of wardrobe, and gave a way many pieces this summer that I hadn't worn lately and wouldn't be taking with me.  It's a soul-cleansing exercise for me.  

Living out of suitcases is a good exercise, but I am tired now.  These suitcases are restricting my creativity, and I can't wait to wear all of my shoes again!  And the more interesting pieces in my wardrobe that couldn't come with me.  Oh, the joy!  Imagine, too, if you can, how amazing it will be to have all the wonderful range of my wardrobe at my fingertips after backpacking for 2 solid weeks!  The luxury enchants me, and I dream of it.  

The balance between adventure and comfort is an uneasy one, and after so many months of adventure I am very ready for the real comfort of home.

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