Sunday, March 28, 2010

Double Vision

Check out these two photos, from Vogue and GQ magazines respectively.  Two girls, two almost-identical outfits, two radically different conceptions of what sexy is.

Setting aside the minor differences in the models' outfits, what is most striking to me is the difference between their bodies.  The vogue model is skinny, has very little by way of curves, has had her legs photo-shopped to be longer, and, in the words of Drew, basically she looks terrible.   The GQ model has very likely also been photo-shopped in some way, but her body still looks like the body of a real person.  She has thighs, a butt, breasts, and even a ripple or two where these various parts of her body come together.

I find it so interesting that these magazines depict such similar outfits on such different bodies.  I think that Vogue could take a hint from GQ, see what men look at in their magazines, and match up their models and maybe even their standards of beauty.  I almost hate to say it, but the image of 'sexy' that GQ is reproducing here is far more attractive and appealing to me as a cultural standard than Vogue's.  It's objectifying women, it's selling clothes through sex, and in GQ it's even selling sexuality, but hell man, at least this girl eats ice cream and doesn't feel guilty about it.

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