Monday, March 22, 2010

Job Hunting


Furthermore, blarg.

Let me also add that I am not as motivated as I should be, given the state of my finances.  I have been applying for jobs all over the place, and good jobs too.  The kind that I really want, like research work, or project management work (sounds fancier than it is), and while I wait until the glorious day when one of the recruiters for one of these awesome jobs actually calls me back, I search the internet and the streets for other jobs.  The fill-your-day-and-your-bank-account-but-not-your-soul-or-passion kind of jobs.

To that end, I decided I would take a quick look on Craigslist just to see what was out there.  There are lots of legit-looking ads for all sorts of things up there, including waitresses and landscapers, and all that kind of thing.  There are also really horrible ads for 'girls to work at exotic massage' and such.  Gross.  And also depressing.

I am persevering, with the knowledge that so many people are also in this position, and that the good awesome jobs are worth waiting for, but also worrying about what to do about my lack of money (and motivation to take a crap job for a while).  At this point it's not even pride or snobbery that is making me turn up my nose at hourly-wage jobs, but rather the complete lack of interest in doing this kind of work.  And that is stupid, because I'm unemployed, and these jobs pay the bills.  Hell, I actually paid for most of my undergrad career by waitressing - that cash is nothing to stick your nose up at.  But it was terrible work - terrible hours, bad for my health (because of irregular eating and sleeping hours, and stress), and people often think they can treat servers like crap because they work for tips, and I'm just not sure that I could put up with that these days.  When I was 18 and starting school I could handle the attitudes of rude customers, but now that I've invested so much into my own life and education, and genuinely feel that I should be seeing some returns on this investment, I'm not convinced that I could hold up that smile and prevent myself from telling off those ignorant clients.

Long story short, I want a job that pays me and challenges me at a level appropriate to my education and experience.  That kind of job is the kind that I am always applying for and never hearing back about, because there are hundreds of others out there who want the same kind of job and who have advantages to the employer that I don't have.  So this leads me to the situation I'm in: no job, no near-future job, and no motivation to get the kind of job I could get to pay for groceries and rent next month.  Clearly, this state of affairs can't last.  Something has to give way under the pressure of Real Life, and I think that means snapping out of this funk, and getting myself some wage labour.  Ugh.

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