Sunday, May 30, 2010

Love Tea #7

There's an amazing tea shop in Montreal called David's Tea.  David's teas has more variety and flavours of tea than I've ever seen before, and each canister on the wall in the shop holds some kind of magic.  When the lid is lifted off, the most beautiful aroma wafts into your face carrying powerful scents of lemon, ginger, chocolate, peach, rose, mint, and many many other fruits, spices, and herbs.  I think that if it weren't for the power of social convention, I would have asked to smell every tin.  There were at least 75.

Drew and I smelled four tins and tried some iced tea, and we decided to take a little bit of three kinds that we had smelled.  One of these was called Love Tea #7.  It's a black tea with rose, strawberry, and chocolate.  The tea doesn't just taste like that from some kind of flavour additives either - we could see the mini chocolate chips in the canister of tea, mixed in with the dried strawberries and rose petals.

Love Tea #7 - YUM

We made a pot of it this morning instead of our usual espresso, and it's wonderful.  I am often a bit skeptical of flavoured teas because many times the flavours they are supposed to have are too weak to really taste, and I find that it ends up making the tea unpleasant.  Some brands are exceptions to this rule, like Stash teas, for example.  But in general, fruity or otherwise flavoured teas have a tendency to be disappointing to me.

Love Tea #7 is completely not like that.  The chocolate melted in the hot water, and the strawberry and rose flavoured the steeping tea really nicely to produce a deep flavour in the tea.  Nothing weak or watery about this!  It tastes like something you could chew, like a delicious cake without the sweetness.

Drew's Yum Factor: "super effing nummy nummy."

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