Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Apartments!

Drew and I have moved, still in the same neighbourhood, but to a place of our own - at least for the summer.  We have sub-let a sweet little 4.5 from a guy who goes tree-planting each summer in B.C.  It's so great!  This place is on the top floor and on a corner, so we have windows on two sides of the apartment.  This, as anyone living in apartments knows, is rare and awesome, and sometimes you have to pay more for it.  The windows in our apartment face north-west, and the sun slants in all afternoon and evening.  This makes our bright-yellow living room (complete with LIME GREEN COUCH!) glow and explode with light and happiness and energy.

We have a spare bed - perfect for couchsurfers - which is in a spare room, and off this spare room is a balcony.  We call it the garden, because on the weekend we went to the Jean Talon Market and bought some flowers and herbs to plant in the boxes and pots left by the previous tenant.  It is so damn cheerful on that balcony now that it makes us feel completely calm and happy when we sit on it (with beers in hand, or coffees, or nothing at all).  Our herb collection is sweet also:  chives, basil, (both normal), pineapple sage (yum), lemon thyme (yum yum), and ginger mint (mmmmmmm!).  We ALSO have a hibachi!  HIBACHI!  Just saying the word 'hibachi' makes me feel good, and makes it feel like summer.  We grilled on the hibachi last week - burgers and chicken - and it is really great and effective.  Could not ask for more from a 4'x6' balcony, I don't think.

Chives and a Primrose!  Hibachi invisible in the top left

Me with Pansies, overlooking the streets.

Drew on the bench (bath chair - hilarious) with the herbs and a Geranium.

There are so many things about this new apartment (and living alone together) that are superior to having roomies in the old place, that I am tempted to make a list.  So here I go:
1. walking around naked
2. not having to do dishes right away (or ever - just when the pots run out)
3. having the whole fridge to ourselves
4. having more than one room (bedroom) to hang out in
5. clean bathroom (unmouldy)
6. the floors don't squeak so loud that you wake everyone up
7. corner apartment - windows on both sides!!
8. garden

Colbert is my cat!  I finally have him back, after months and months.  I adopted him in October 2008, and in June 2009 I gave him to my mum in Fenelon Falls to take care of while I was away for two months to teach in the U.S.A.  When I found out that I got the internship in Geneva, I asked if she could keep him for the six months I would be away.  So Colbert lived with Mum from June to December.  In December, I decided that there were too many animals in my mum's house (my sister had bought a puppy, and Colby was stressed out), and asked my bestie, Amy, if she would mind keeping him for the last two months.  She obliged, which was so amazing of her, and so Colby moved to Ottawa and lived there from Dec. 24 2009 to last Thursday - April 28 2010.  He is happy to be back in Montreal, and I think he is happy to be back with me.  He's a silly cat, and I accommodate and facilitate that silliness.

Colby!  In a box.  What a cutie.

It feels amazing to have this place, even though none of the furniture or dishes are ours (we're using the apartment's real owner's stuff), and we are going to have so much fun here this summer.  Some apartments just feel right, and this one suits us perfectly.  I think, or rather I know, that at the end of August we are not going to want to give it up.

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