Sunday, May 30, 2010

No Blogging at Work for Me!


I've started this new job, and it's a well-paying, business hours, anglophones-accepted job in Montreal.  So I should just shut the eff up about any drawbacks and count myself lucky for getting a much-coveted job when very many people - many of whom I know, it turns out - applied for the position or one like it and did not get it.


I am finding the job less than awesome.  It's busy, so the work day goes by quickly, but there is nothing to challenge me in the job.  It is more about diligence than critical thinking, and that gets old very fast.  It may at times be slightly interesting, but really it's not what I want and it is getting on my nerves already.

One of the most annoying things about the company is that they have restricted access to all kinds of websites in order to prevent staff from wasting time on the computer.  They also use an online tally system where each employee tallies the different tasks that she has done during the day in order to get a productivity score.  This makes no sense to me because that's a little redundant.  If you are being scored on productivity by the number of tasks you complete in a day, then keeping those scores up should in itself be the way to monitor employees.  Keeping certain internet sites restricted doesn't really increase productivity since I can still read the International Herald Tribune or Al Jazeera to get the news and entertainment.  This seems especially true for people who are already very productive.

Anyway, the point of my griping about the restricted internet access is that at the moment I am not setting my own schedule at this new place (and I will be able to when I'm out of training) and the lack of internet access is killing my ability to keep in touch with all sorts of people - both in and out of Montreal.   I have used email and quick messages on Facebook to stay in touch with many friends for years now, and I'm starting to really fail at keeping up that correspondence.  That's deeply disappointing, and I hope my friends won't think it's purposeful.

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