Sunday, June 20, 2010

Meat Pies from Australia

Drew discovered the coolest little shop recently, and it is in the process of gaining wide popularity in Montreal.  It is an Australian pie shop, owned by an Australian chef who married a Quebecoise woman.  They decided to settle down in Montreal and begin making meat and veggie pies, and we are ever so glad they did.  The shop is called the Tourtiere Astralienne (ta), and is just north of the intersection of Parc and Mont Royal.

The Australian Pie shop has a pie for everyone (except vegans I think.  Sorry vegans).  Meat eaters and vegetarians will both be satisfied by the rich and delicious little pies.  Curried vegetable topped with sweet potato and spinach and ricotta topped with mashed potatoes are among the delicious options for the non-meat-eaters in the crowd.  Drew decided to try a smoked fish pie with mackerel and spinach, while I went for a classic meat pie with ground beef and cheddar cheese.  Other meat-options include butter chicken (my next pie-try), steak and cheese, and chili con carne.  The pies are baked in a really soft and flakey crust which is much like pastry dough rather than a regular pie crust.  Besides being perfectly seasoned and baked, the softness of the pastry with the potato tops is pleasing and moist.  There is nothing worse than a dry pie!

Drew eating his pie - smoked mackerel and spinach

The individual-serving pies are $5 each if you buy them hot, and if you'd like a delicious garden salad on the side it's $7.50.  One pie, though not appearing to be very big, is filling in a satisfying way.  We didn't feel over-full after polishing them off, which is nice considering potato pies have the potential to be *very* heavy as a meal-option in general.  All of the ingredients for the pies and the salads are listed on ta's website, and are bought fresh at Jean Talon Market.  The freshness of the ingredients contributes to the high quality of the food.  Pie-consumers can also buy the pies frozen for $4.50, and ta provides baking instructions as well as a handy pie-identification chart (for those pies in the back of the freezer that you just can't remember what they are anymore) on their website.  

The Tourtiere Australienne is open from 10 to 8 each day, and I highly recommend them.

Kate's Yum Factor: "Super-effing g. d. good."

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