Friday, August 13, 2010

Fun Photo-memories of Summer

We had to wake up at 7am each day.  My mum used to put hearts in the peanut butter on my toast; 
sometimes I put jam hearts on toast for Drew in the mornings.

This is a Starbucks cup cut to make a shadow-basillica, on display at Gallerie Art Mur

Enoch, looking at a photo collection of bike couriers.  Drew is second from the left.

Drew holding A Famous Artist's business card to his face.

Lisa and Clarissa sitting outside Lapin Presse - a grilled cheese restaurant (la-pain presse, haha) after yoga in the park.

The St. Viateur bagel shop, open 24 hours, seen here in twilight.

A very small car of unknown maker, with this sticker.  We laughed every time we saw it.

Drew and Colbie the Flying Cat

Bernard at de L'Esplanade, in a huge fiery thunderstorm!

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