Monday, August 2, 2010

A New Post after a Long Siesta

It's amazing how the summer days slip away so quickly.  It always seems that the beautiful weather makes my subjective experience of the passage of time speed up, so that the end of the summer - wonderful Labour Day Weekend - is always just a few short weeks away.  I remember thinking that the five weeks between returning to Geneva at New Year's and Drew coming to visit was an eternity that I might never actually cross.  Now that I've been back in Montreal for four and half months I feel as if it has swept by me too quickly, and Drew and I are stampeding towards the Next Big Change.

That is, Drew is going to Kingston for his MSc in Teaching Anatomy, and I am going to Toronto because I've just gotten a job with the Ontario Medical Association (my first real job, in my field!).  I'm very excited about the job, and also very excited about Toronto.  It will be great to be so much closer to my family and some good friends, though it means being farther away from two of my besties, who live in Ottawa, and leaving Montreal, which I love so dearly.

Drew and I are going to go to Kingston and Toronto this weekend to see apartments for rent.  I don't feel too pressured because there are lots of places available in Toronto and I can stay with my dad in Whitby for a little while if I really have to (it would be a nightmare with moving my stuff, but that's the way it goes sometimes).  Drew, on the other hand, is in a bit of a tight situation because not too many places are still available in Kingston - a much smaller city with a big student population, which means probably most leases begin and end in May - and he needs to find a place ASAP.  It's going to be really fun to look at places though, since we'll both be spending a lot of time at each other's apartment.  I want to find something nice that can be more permanent, in the sense that I would want to stay there for more than just one year, and Drew would move into that apartment with me when he was done school in Kingston.  It's a bit more challenging, but in the end it only makes me stick to my criteria and not be as willing to compromise on things like space or mouldy bathrooms.  Renting can truly be a nightmare.

We are also going to go to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island in two weeks.
Drew walking along one of the many beautiful beaches in PEI

We took this trip last year after I got back from Pennsylvania and it was wonderful.  I started the trip very high strung with the stress of the just-finished summer camp and Geneva looming in my future.  Over the course of eight days I became relaxed and calm, and Drew had everything to do with that.  I started that trip really liking Drew a lot and finished it loving him.   I'm really excited to be taking this trip again, especially since we're going to be moving to different cities in September.  We will be very much in touch, texting and emailing and visiting most weekends (if not all), but there's no substitution for living together.  Even talking every day doesn't give you the kind of immediate information about a person that you get when you see them walk in the door after work, or hug them and feel their energy.

I know I shouldn't wish time away, because in the end it really does move too quickly, and things are over before you even get a chance to feel like they've really started, but at the same time I already can't wait for Drew to be done his MSc and to move back in with me in our new place in Toronto.  The time will fly, I know, and before we know it we'll be grey-haired and orthopedic-shod wondering where all the years went.  Still, I can't help my imagination from flying forward to December 2011, when Drew completes his program and we are together in the same city again.

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