Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Actualisation of Potential Christmas Presents!

Last Christmas Drew gave me an antique violin brooch made of amber and stirling silver.  I opened it on Christmas morning, in bed at my Mum's house, where Drew opened my present for him too.  I was *psyched* about the brooch because I'd wanted it for a long time but hadn't bought it for myself.  But that's not all he got me.

A few days later we went to Waterloo to spend time with Drew's family, and he opened his presents from them (and I opened a present from them too, which was so nice!).  I was surprised to find that I had another present from Drew, and opened it to find a window frame, a bit beaten up, with chipped paint.  Drew explained that it was going to be restored by his dad, painted, and Drew would put glass in the empty spaces to make it a picture frame.  He also explained that he was going to print off photos from our first trip to PEI to put in it.  I was really happy with the present, totally loved it, and gave the frame back so that it could be worked on.  Seeing my total delight at getting this potential gift and imagining what it was going turn out to be, Drew's dad exclaimed to him "No one but you could get away with a theoretical present!"

Well, this weekend, a mere two months from this Christmas, my present from Drew arrived in actuality!  I saw the frame come in the door when Drew arrived on Friday night, but Emma was here, and we were all famished, so we went straight out to get sushi and I didn't think about the frame again.  Drew, sneaky man, hid it under a pillow.  When he asked me to move the pillow I was totally surprised and so excited to see the finished product.  Here it is:
The top left is a photo of a purple jellyfish lying on the sand, the top right is a photo of the PEI countryside, a green field, evergreen trees, and bright blue sky, the bottom left is drew walking along the rocks by the ocean, and bottom right is me holding a crab between red cliffs and ocean waves.

I'm SO HAPPY that it's here!  I was saving a place for it on the brick wall, and it looks amazing there.  The track lights highlight it really well.  Thank you Drew!  I love it.

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  1. wonderful! i really like it too. i like how the gift is also about highlighting the significance of that particular trip, and being your good friend i feel like i get to revel in the wonderfulness of that significance too. it's a nice celebration of your relationship, and a great confirmation for your friend (me) in how nice you two are together. yay! as i've said about you two all along--it feels nice to know that there you two are.