Monday, October 4, 2010

A Note on Topics

Elaine and I were talking the other day, and she asked me how I was doing.  She asked me because she noticed a certain tone in my writing lately, and noticed also that the topics have been at times farther from the stated ethos of this blog, which is to focus on the good in life whenever possible.  I mentioned in the Inaugural Post that the name of the blog means 'that which is good', and the quote below it points to the general direction I hoped this blog would take.  So she was curious about the posts lately, and I thought about them too.

I think that it is easy to slip into a process of writing posts that are less theme-oriented and more 'this is how I feel today'.  That's not necessarily bad, especially if what a person needs at times is just to express how they feel, and I know that sometimes that's the case for me.  I reasoned that doing this, writing for writing's sake, to get thoughts and feelings out, even if no one (or very few people) ever read them, is actually an activity which fits squarely within the stated intentions of this blog.  Communication and the act of expressing thoughts are valuable activities in and of themselves, I think.  Take the letter to the editor, for example: it doesn't matter at all if that letter gets published, the value of the letter lay in writing it in the first place.  I copied it here to tell the story and to express my frustration, but that didn't increase the value of it.

So in a way, I could write anything here in this blog and claim it to still be within the scope of agathos.  I won't start doing that, however.  I'll limit my political posts to those things that really are worth writing about just to get frustration out, or to contribute to awareness raising as much as I can.  Both of those activities are invaluable, even if actual change is slow.

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