Friday, November 12, 2010

Kate Middleton's Hats

I like the monarchy and I wonder if that makes me a Royalist?  Maybe if there was a revolution or something then it would turn out that I am one, but for now, I'm just going to say that I am a fan of the Royal Family, and ponder whether or not that necessarily means that I have to take up the role of 'Loyal Subject.'  Prince Harry and I are the same age, and I used to have a *massive* crush on him.  While everyone was swooning over soon-to-begin-balding Prince William, I was secreting my feelings for the younger brother, while trying to catch glimpses of him in the background of tabloid photos.  But perhaps my favourite members of the Royal Family are Kate Middleton's hats (soon to be Princess Kate's hats).

As you can see, not only is Kate a pretty and classy girl, but she's got excellent taste in wardrobe and her hats are just beautiful.  There's more than just the hats about these outfits that I love, but they finish the entire look.  No one wears hats anymore as often as the Royalty do - sticklers for customs of dress that they are.  Hats are de rigeur for so many events, basically anything that happens during daylight hours, and I am really into that.  I think hats should make a comeback for everyone.  In the meantime, I will be very pleased if Kate does marry Prince William, as that would ensure that I get to observe her headwear very often for a very long time (or at least as long as the media likes her).

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  1. Check out this article from The Star. Your blog was posted first - maybe you were his inspiration!