Monday, December 20, 2010

Mail Surprises!

In this day of emails and e-communications of all kinds of other sorts (including this very blog) it's rare to get mail that is not a bill or advertising.  Getting mail from friends is extra-special, because it is so easy to fire off emails or Facebook messages, and taking the time to hand-write something and lick an envelope - not to mention actually purchasing a stamp and walking to a post-office - is so much effort that it denotes extra-special thought, care, and love.  I *adore* getting mail from friends, and knowing how great it is I try to write the occasional card or send the occasional surprise.

Today, my good friend who is very good at sending mail in general, sent me a very special surprise!  I am so pumped about what I found in the package on my doorstep tonight: a personal printed T-shirt.

such a sweet t-shirt
There were actually two t-shirts in the package; the other is a bit of an inside joke.  This one is a memory; it's a photo of my friend and I from a visit I made to her in Flagstaff almost two years ago (I can't believe it's been so long).  We are on our way to a cooking class, in which we sat at a marble counter, drank wine (in the bags in this picture) and watched a very nice woman cook and then we ate what she made.  Technically though, still a cooking class.  We are both wearing Stetsons in this picture and mine is brand spankin' new at the time, having been recently purchased at the Western Wear store not far from where we're standing here.  I'm wearing a short black Vivienne Westwood dress with an armor-plate printed on the front, purple tights, and black booties.  My dear friend is wearing a black top, black leather pants, and amazing Margiela heels in robin's egg blue.  Her lovely daughter took this photo of us candidly, which makes it even better.

I'm very grateful for this gift, and for our friendship, and I am going to figure out how to get down to Flagstaff again soon.

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  1. i sniffle little bit.

    SO great to see it on you! it looks awesome. big smiles here.