Thursday, December 9, 2010

Making Myself Feel Better

Tonight on my bike ride home I bailed terribly.  My foot slipped as I was putting it into the pedal clip (not a snap-in-shoe one, just a regular cage) and somehow my foot interfered with everything and brought my bike to a complete stop - I flew over the handlebars for the first time ever, and my bike hit me from behind.  While flying through the air I saw my hands in front of me, bracing for pavement, and then I felt ripping pain through my knees and hands.  My left knee is in particularly bad shape, swollen to such an extent that I can't bend it at all and putting weight on my leg is painful.  This also happens to be the *only night* this week that I'm not with Drew, as he was here for a few days and just trained back to Kingston this morning.  So, I'm alone and feeling sorry for myself, nursing my injuries.  I'm sitting in bed, Colbert curled up beside me, and I'm making myself feel better by looking at cool photographs from the past year.  I've decided to share some of them with you, since writing to you also makes me feel better.   Without further ado:

My reflection in an oil lamp mirror.
This is from a gallery in Montreal, where Drew's bike courier exhibit was held.  

Still Life in Blue:
Ontario blueberries, Pumphouse Blueberry Ale, and my leg in Genetic Denim

Bike helmets resting beside a pond;
one of our last days in Montreal, in the garden of Santropol
A photo of Drew and I at my graduation from McGill

Basinhead Beach in PEI

A statue in the garden at the Dunes, PEI

The view towards Tracadie Bay, PEI

Our reflection in the streetcar window, Toronto

One of my favourite photos of Drew - him outside of the Canadian Embassy in Geneva
This photo reminds me to be less serious in life and to have more fun.

The dome of a cathedral in Munich.
Someday I'm going to collect all the dome photos I've taken in cathedrals, frame them,
and hang them together in a large space.

Drew in Prague, looking towards the Castle.
I can hardly believe that we took such an awesome trip together.  I can't wait for the next one.

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  1. oh dear love. your post-bike accident pain sucks. i'm sorry it hurts so much.

    the pictures are wonderful. you and drew are two people that make me happy. it's a lovely thing. i am grateful.

    warm cup of feel good tea, a heart full of affection for you, and my friendship all for you--yours, elaine