Friday, December 17, 2010

Work Christmas Parties

Last night was the department Christmas party at my work.  It was FUN, and I am in bad shape today as a result.  Work Christmas parties are really great for a few different reasons, provided that you like the people that you work with of course.  I happen to work with some really fun people, so when most of the department bailed at 5 (our party started at 2:30 at a pub, where drinks and lunch was served and we played a game with presents), a number of us stuck around for more drinks before heading to someone's house to drink and eat snacks, and then we went out to a bar (the name of which I don't remember).  I recall looking at the microwave clock, seeing that it was 8:45, and thinking "Holy crap, it's early and I'm drunk.  There's still so much night left!"  I could have left at any point, let the record show.  Awesome thing number one of work parties: free drinks and food.

One of the greatest things about work Christmas parties is that one gets to see one's coworkers in a totally different (and often inebriated) state, which I think creates a stronger relationship when you're back at work together.  The proviso to that is that everyone has to behave themselves and not make romantic passes at each other.  There may or may not have been some of that happening last night, but it's not for me to say.  I had a great time, and awesome thing number two: I got to see my boss 1) drunk and 2) dancing.  We all danced up a storm!  It was the first time in months that I've been out dancing and the first time in Toronto at all.  I wish I could remember the name of the place we went, because it was fun and had $3 mixed drinks until midnight.  I recall that the music was good - a mix of new and older songs, which is better for singing along to.  I could have refused drinks at any point, let the record also show.   

I left the bar around 1:30, managed to get into a cab, and made it home by 2.  Awesome thing number three about work parties: taxi chits to pay for your fare.  The entire night out didn't cost me a penny.  I'm paying for it today though, in a rather different way.  I crawled into work at 11:30, after texting my boss to let him know I was moving slooooooowly.  Five of us directly went to lunch at a diner to ease our aching heads and stomachs.  Fortunately, the worst I'm getting at work is a little ribbing about my horribly pathetic state, which is nice, and is a testament to the party-friendly attitude of this particular group of people.  Nights out and hangovers are apparently not considered unprofessional in any way (the executive director is nursing his own hangover today).  Among other painful bodily experiences, my knee is killing me; I think I danced a little too vigorously on it last night without paying attention.  I'm also experiencing slight vertigo from my computer screen. 

This, in fact, describes me very aptly today:
funny pictures-No, the hangover is not too bad. Is that my coffee? Could you find me my sunglasses? And could you possibly not breath so loud?

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