Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Birthday Presents!

As some of you may recall, two Christmases ago Drew gave me a 'theoretical' gift, which finally came into existence and my possession in October of last year.  This year for my birthday I got a similarly theoretical present.  All I knew was that it was a necklace, that Drew was making or assembling it, and that it wasn't quite ready yet.  You can imagine my surprise on Sunday when he asked me to close my eyes and set a little white box into my hand.  Here's what was inside it:

Feather from Etsy (not sure which seller), Great Horned Owl earring by
Stay Gold Pony Boy, assembly by Drew
I'm completely in love with it.  The theoretical version left me with no idea what to expect, and in fact, the necklace that he showed me as the theoretical stand-in was very different.  It had a wider chain with really open links, and was very long.  I was surprised to find something as delicate and shiny in the box, and I really like how pretty it is.  There's nothing I love more stylistically than original creations, and this is three times unique!

Thank you Drew!  *smooooch*