Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Eggs, Pears, and Awesome Sauce

This week I have a couch surfer staying with me.  His name is Sebastien, he's from Montreal (though he now lives in Magog), and he's in town for the One of a Kind Show down at Exhibition Place.  He came last night and will stay until Thursday I think. 

Hosting surfurs, I'm discovering, is much more fun than being the surfer.  As the surfer, you're seeing a new place, learning things, exploring, living out of a backpack, and eating where and what you can.  As a host, you're comfortable in an environment you're used to, you've got all your clothes in your closet, your fridge is right there and in varying degrees of fullness, and you get the bigger comfier bed.  All things point to hosting as the good deal.

On top of that, Seb brought cool stuff with him.  He gave me a jar of preserved organic pears that his girlfriend made, and a carton of eggs that his chickens laid (he has chickens!).  He and his girlfriend moved to Magog in the fall, after deciding that they just wanted to get out of the city for a while.  They both lived in Montreal, and Seb still thinks of himself as a 'city' person, but the country got into their hearts and now they're growing garlic, tending hens, and living in a big rickety old country house. 

Seb has a degree in mechanical engineering, but hated the typical options for work that his degree afforded him, so instead he invented a new way to do stained glass, and that's what he does now.  Check it out:

Pretty awesome, right?!

I am so curious about his place in Magog.  I almost want to visit sometime in the summer (maybe on our way out to the east coast, but probably not).  It would be super cool to see his chickens and garlic field.  Here's Seb's website in case you want to browse more of his art: http://www.artseba.com/Galerie.html

Ps. Stay tuned for some posts on my recent trip to Arizona.  I have film to develop first, and then I'll start typing my little fingers off for y'all to enjoy.

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