Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Bikies!

Continuing on the Spring theme, I thought I'd show off my new bicyclettes.  The first one is not new, but rejuvenated after my crash in December.  This bike's name is Frankie, after some bike mechanics last summer commented that my bike was like Frankenstein, put together from all different pieces of other bikes (which is technically true).  It's looking spick and span with a new seat, new crank, and new pedals, and it's fixed-gear now (which I really like).  The hub can be flipped to a free single-gear, so the brakes are staying.  This is my bombing to work in the morning bike, and looking flashy on weekends bike.

Frankie, looking ssssikkkk
The other bike is actually new, given to me by my friend Emily.   It's a Trek mountain bike complete with shocks in the fork, and I've named it Starship for its awesome cruising abilities.  After a couple hundred dollars worth of fixin' up (the bike was sitting unused for 3 years or so), it's all ready for the road.  I was riding it today, and it's really nice to get a break from fixed-gear from time to time.  It's a nice rest for my legs!

Sweet little Starship, hanging outside a cafe
So this is the fleet.  Drew also has two bikes, and is looking to acquire a third.  We will be well outfitted. I'm pumped about having two here in Toronto though, so that Drew can ride Frankie when he's here, or so that a visiting friend unaccustomed to fixies can ride Starship and we can get around without using transit.  Wonderful!  Bring on the warm weather and sunshine!

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