Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hanging on to Good Vibes

Sometimes it's hard to focus on the things that are awesome about the world around you because a few annoying things are going on that buzz around your head like enormous, ravenous, immortal mosquitoes.  This is the situation I'm in right now, and perhaps a few of you are with me on this, because my ERI mosquitoes are currently national phenomena.  They are:

1. The Stanley Cup finals - Bruins vs. Canucks, honestly I don't care.  I want to care because I have friends from and in Vancouver, and that's fun for them, but I really don't like the way the Canucks play, and I've never liked the Bruins (Chara! ARGH!) so I'll be reeeeeeally happy when it's over.

2. The Canada Post strike - What to say about this.... I see why the workers are striking, I also see why they shouldn't be striking over the things they're striking for, so I have fairly ambivalent support for this.  What I'm sure about is that I don't like them screwing with my mail delivery - yes, some people do still send letters!  I think it's more personal than emails!  I'm waiting for a package dammit!! Who should end this strike is the decision of other people, I'm just saying it's messing with my groove.

3. The Air Canada strike - I'm not even flying anytime soon, but this is all over the papers and news, and I can feel the frustrated vibes from unhappy campers over in Pearson Airport all the way downtown.  I've travelled enough to know what a pain in the butt this is, and it would make me happy if the negative travel energy dissipated quickly.

4. The Newspapers - those three topics mentioned above are dominating the news right now, and being tired of these topics, more info about them is the very last thing I want to see.

So, with the chatter about this stuff filling every random conversation one happens to walk past on the street, how does one keep one's spirits up, and focus on the wonderful things going on?  My friend has some good tips for starting your morning off right, so I thought I'd throw out some tips, gathered from so many wise individuals, about having a good week:

1. Enjoy the sun whenever possible - it's spring, and almost summer! - and remember your sunscreen.
2. Drink really good coffee
3. Wear shoes that make you happy that you have feet, and outfits that make you happy you have shoulders, hips, and butts
4. Throw on some yellow
5. Bike around - especially if you can find some shady, grassy, flowery places
6. Listen to really good music that you like a lot
7. Save your money for concerts and drinks with friends
8. Laugh at as many things as possible out of pure joy and amusement (not out of malice, that's bad vibes)
9. Eat the tasty fresh veggies that are starting to sprout out of our cold, frozen land... mmmmm!
10. Add a tenth thing to every list for all of your possibly OCD friends (because it's nice to do and keeps those good vibes flowing)

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