Saturday, July 2, 2011

Blog Challenge Day 2

Day 2 of the blog challenge: Biker Badass Chic meets Future Caffeinated Moi

Drew is the self-styled king of jean cut-offs.  He is also fair-skinned and ginger-haired (though he does get a pretty mean tan).  It is thus only fitting that my Saturday biking-around-Montreal outfit was primarily made up of sunscreen and jean cut offs.  Very, very short ones.  Behold:

Silk scarf from my Gran, one bicycle wheel earring.

Hooded vest by American Apparel, cityscape tank top by Pink Martini,
jean cut offs originally Anlo jeans, moustace by Molletta design

One leather feather earring

And a bonus shot of the stylist himself looking fly on a bike:

Cap: retro Expos, tank and jean cut-offs rolled to the knee: American Apparel

Later on Saturday we had need of a wardrobe change, as our friends Shiloh and Aaron had a time-travel party where everyone was asked to go as a future possible version of themselves.  I chose my future possible cafe owner self, and Drew went as his possible anatomist future self.  Here are some pics of us in our outfits:

Drew drawing anatomy tatoos on his arms and silver in his hair

My hair standing up with pink styling gel, and pink and black fake eyelashes

The Great Caffeinator (Septon of Bean)

Soaring through the air, caffeinating the masses for the benefit of all mankind!

Dr. Countryman, looking fly - it was so hot in S&A's apartment that
the lab coat had to be hung up!


  1. where your future self? wanna see!

  2. it's coming! would you believe that i forgot my camera in Drew's bag!? Photos arriving soon.