Monday, July 4, 2011

Blog Challenge: Day 3

It is so hot in Montreal.

It was hard to wear less clothes on Day 3 than I was wearing on Day 2 of the blog challenge, but Drew found new ways to keep me feeling cool.  He found in my closet one of the most comfortable warm-weather dresses I own, which I bought in New York City, and paired it with the hooded cotton cover-up that I bought on the same trip in the same city.  Intuitive man!

Here I am:

Garnet ring, heirloom, gold bracelet with inlaid colour, watchband thumb ring
made by Drew, and one antique bracelet given to me by R in Montreal

Glamour shot!  Bike wheel earrings and Kanvas hooded jacket

Majestic linen dress, Kanvas jacket

Me on my bike.  One must always be able to bike in one's outfit.
Ride ride ride!

In reflecting on our blog challenge experiences, Elaine said to me in an email, "I thought it was interesting too HOW TOTALLY DIFFERENT R's sense of occasion was from Drew's in this whole thing.  That isn't surprising, I guess, but at the same time it was something that hadn't occurred to me--that we could have more or less casual/more or less dressy tendencies in our dressers." 

I thought about this, and had noticed it right away when I saw photos of Elaine in her lovely Lanvin heels.  I think it's very interesting how different R and Drew's choices were - no high heels whatsoever for me!  And I would have been SO WILLING to wear them and pack them and bike in them even if that's what needed to be done.  but I didn't influence his choices by saying "you know, I really love these shoes right here..." because I thought that would be the opposite of what we were going for with this (even though in my head I was trying to get him to look in that direction).  I'm really happy about the choices he made though, because it was SO HOT, and because I think he chose interesting and unique pieces from my wardrobe that are very "him" - some of his favourites, things that reflect his personal style, things that reflect his values and also what he finds attractive about me.  R also expressed aspects of herself through Elaine - a sense of the dramatic and theatrics, and love of accessories (especially those with skulls, wings, bones, and other totally rocker motifs), as well as comfort with being really dressed up for normal, everyday activities.  That was, really, one of the points of doing the blog challenge - to be the other person's work of art for a few days, and it was so much fun to have Drew pick out everything, right down to the rings on my fingers, each day.  He matched things I hadn't thought of matching before, and gave me a bunch of inspiration for future outfits.  And maybe I'll even start asking him to dress me more often - it's so much more fun that way.

In the stress and rush of the terrible drive home from Montreal yesterday, I left my camera in Drew's bag, (and have the camera cord in my bag, so he can't even email me the pics) and kept his toothbrush as collateral.  This means that I can't upload any photos of my outfit from Day 3, or from the party, until the weekend.  *SIGH*  Epic fail on my part, sorry everyone.  Stay tuned, there will be worthwhile photos I think.

UPDATE:  got my camera today!  photos duly added!

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