Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lucky Girl

What I really want to call this post is "Best Boyfriend Ever", but that might be too much gloating and mushiness even for me.  HOWEVER, it is true.  And here is why:

You may recall the card that I gave Drew for his birthday this past Tuesday.  It has two bikes on it, one that looks an awful lot like his bike, and one that looks an awful lot like my bike, which is why it was so amazingly perfect to give to him.  If you don't remember, here it is:

Our bikes are in love!  Just like us!  
You may further recall that we were in Montreal on the weekend and that my drive home to Toronto was very long and terrible.  I got home after midnight, exhausted, frustrated, and really sad from leaving Montreal, our friends, and Drew.  I was pretty miserable.

You can therefore only IMAGINE my PURE JOY when I found that a package had been delivered for me, from Drew, on Friday!  And what was inside, you ask?  


Guess what they are!  Drew somehow managed to find, within two days of getting his birthday card, a wine bottle holder for a bike!  They're made of leather and brass by OopsMark.  Total genius!  When I opened the package and realised what they were I immediately started to cry.  (what a sissypants)  It was the sweetest surprise ever, and so perfectly timed, and just so incredible that Drew had thought to send those to me... I can't even describe it.  Gestures like that, straight out of the blue, are just the nicest things.  

Here they are in action on my non-girly bike, because the straps fit the crossbar of a smaller frame (taken with my phone - still no camera):

Incredible!  Don't be fooled by the appearance, that wine bottle was in there so snugly
that I broke a sweat getting it out.  I can't wait for our next picnic!

I feel so grateful to have such a wonderful and thoughtful person in my life.  Thanks Drew, you really are the sunshine that lights up my life.

Erratum: It turns out that Drew had ordered the wine holder before I gave him the card with the wine bottles on bikes, so it's actually even more of a coincidence than I'd thought.  To the stars!!

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    so frickin' cool. dear god.