Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mind Tricks

Ok, forget the heatwave I was writing about last summer in Montreal.  It was really hot, but this year is crazy.  Last year we didn't have air conditioning and suffered through the heat with one small fan, but this year we do have air conditioning and the world is a more beautiful place because of it.  I like having the windows open, but let's get real here.  It was 30 degrees celcius inside on Monday when I finally caved and turned the A/C on.

The craziest part about this heat is that it's totally unrelenting and so persistent.  For example, as I type it is dusk, nine-thirty at night, and 31 degrees celsius.  With the humidity (Toronto is nothing if not humid) it feels like 39 degrees.  This isn't Arizona folks, what's going on here?  It is starting to look a little desert-ish around here these days, though.  It's been about 4 weeks since it last rained.  Technically it rained on Monday, but it was such a short and light rain that the dirt on the ground under the tree in our backyard didn't even get wet, so I'm not counting that.  The earth is dry and cracked, the grass is dead, and things are on fire in Northern Ontario.

It is necessary, despite the air conditioning, to convince oneself that it's not that bad outside and that one loves this weather no matter how hot it gets, because deep down one knows that one must cherish every day that one does not have to wear tights, socks, or long johns.

My twisted, backwards, effective solution: A wintry snowflake mini wrist-party:

Note the red and green theme - so late-December, and yet I feel less dweeby wearing
that colour combo now than I do around Christmas.

The silver linked bracelet is from Mexico, given to me by my Gran, to remind me that some places are this hot all year round and people take siestas and make it work.  The smooth bracelet in the middle is from Scotland and the stone-looking green and red in the middle is actually petrified heather, to remind me that some places never get this warm and stay cold and damp all the time *shudder*.  The beaded bracelet is from my Mum, given at Christmas last year (or maybe the year before even), to remind me that WINTER IS COMING.

A tiny silver box of snowflakes, keeping my wrist cool in this sweltering weather.

I think it worked today.  If the mini wrist-party of winter didn't actually make me feel less hot, it certainly succeeded at spreading joyous tidings, and made me feel cool (wink!).

Oh, and one more thing.  TIGER NAILS!


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