Friday, July 1, 2011

Weekend of Drew Dressing Me, Blog Challenge: Day 1

Drew, surveying his handiwork
My dear friend Elaine recently had a wicked cool idea:  we would each let ourselves be dressed by someone who knows us well and is familiar with our wardrobes (in her case, her daughter, in my case, my partner Drew), for a set amount of time to see what they come up with given free range over our outfits.  We chose three days because this is a long weekend and it's frankly just not that much fun for me to have a challenge like this on workdays, the choices being fairly limited.  So this is day one, and here's what Drew has chosen for me (note that there are many photos, because he's got about 6 outfits for three days).

Day 1 - 50's feminine chic meets sweltering hot BBQ weather

Outfit #1 is made up of some of my favourite things that Drew immediately hit upon.  The hat is a new addition and was recently run over by a car.  I almost love it more for that.

On me: Skirt by Mokkafiveoclock on Etsy, shirt by American Apparel,
hat by Helene Berman, sunglasses by Ralph Lauren

Cassette tape earrings
Garnet ring, which is a family heirloom, and black bracelet from
my friend's boutique in Fenelon Falls
Outfit #2 is wonderful for hot weather, and it is stifling in Montreal.  The earrings Drew added are special to me too, as they were my Christmas present from him this year.

Dress: Pink Martini, white cotton jacket (no photo yet): Kanvas,
earrings: a Montreal artisan, flower petals dipped in resin to preserve them
Bracelet from my friend's store in Fenelon, bicep by me

Drew loves my fancy shmancy shoes, but for him comfort is always top-of-mind, as well as bikeability.  With the first outfit he chose black flats, and for the second, brown sandals.  They will be repeated, so photos will follow.  Day 1 has been a great success so far!


  1. YOUR POOR HAT OH DEAR LORD GOD. love it! yay drew! yay you!

    i'm currently still in outfit one, being three hours behind you on the clock cycle. to give you a sense of it though--rachel and i were just walking downtown and as soon as we got back into the car she said, "mom, i have to tell you something funny." okay, i responded. "just now you were walking and this man was going in the other direction and he walked by you and then immediately turned around so that he could still see you and he kept walking but backwards and just kept walking backwards really really really staring at your ass." you can see my ass in this dress? really? "barely! but i think he found it."

    my camera is down? can you believe the timing? so a friend is coming over within the hour to loan me his and take pictures. SUPER FUN YAY LOVE YOU!

  2. also, you're so frickin' cute.

  3. hahahaha, that's a great exchange between you and R. awesome.

  4. Super cute idea :) And it is so nice to see my skirt in action :) And you look so pretty :)
    (I found your blog by accident but this is the nicest accident ever :) )

    Warm regards, Monika (Mokkafiveocloc)

  5. Oh! Thanks Monika! I'm glad you found the blog and that you get to see your skirt in action too! I love it - it's perfect for hot weather.