Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Prince Edward Island, the Third

Two weeks ago, Drew and I took our third annual trip to P.E.I.  It's amazing that in such a small province there's still so much to see and do for the first time.  This trip had a few repeats, a couple of favourite beaches, the Dunes again for lunch, and as much time spent with Drew's good friends there as possible.

We still managed to do a few new things though, such as Sally's Beach - a formerly-private red-sand beach just to the north of Montegue.  A woman named Sally owned it back in the 1800's and into the 1900's, which at the time would have been the middle of windblasted nowhere, on the edge of the ocean, in complete isolation.  It's wild to think about what some small places would have been like then.  Now it's a public beach, but not overly popular, perhaps because little crabs scuttle around on the bottom of the sea, and tiny crustaceans nibble your toes and then bury themselves in the sand.  It's lovely though, really.  Observe:

Beautiful, eh?

Another new thing that we did was go on a spectacular date together to Lot 30, which is a fantastic high-end restaurant in Charlottetown.  We ate scallops, oysters, more scalllops, and tuna steak, all with delicious sauces, sides, and spices.  Holy cow, it was amazing.  In addition we had a bottle of something delicious to drink, which I can't remember (because I'm not a wine snob YET, but also) because we got accidentally drunk during dinner.  At one point I thought to myself, "wow, I'm much more drunk than I'd expected to be... I'm pretty drunk," and mercifully Drew said out loud, "haha, wow, I'm a little bit drunk."  A little bit indeed!!  Here we are, pre-dinner drunken fun:

Ye gods!  Drew certainly rocks the pink pants!

Finally, a third new thing that we did (there are a few more, but I'll keep some stories to tell you in person) was build a sand fortress on the beach.  We met Drew's friend Simon at Cavendish beach one day, as Simon was there for a couple of days camping with 5 other dudes in an RV.  Cavendish is beautiful and it was a beautiful day as well, so there was no better option than to hit the surf.  We made sure to park for free and hike over the dunes mind you, rather than pay the National Park fee to get into the beach area.  While Simon and the bros played some footie to try to impress whichever women were around who weren't under 18 or mums there with husbands and children, Drew and I swam and then built a castle to rival all castles.  Behold:

Drew built the Great Hall with thatched roof and a wine cellar, while I focused on constructions of the citadels with paved pathways and fortress walls.  Obviously that's what you get when people who are reading the Song of Ice and Fire series get small stones and bits of wood in their hands.

Oh P.E.I., I miss you now.  I love the pace of life there, the friendliness, the smell of the ocean.  I know how formidable a place it can be in the winter.  Drew and I are left wondering if we've got the brawn to try it out... Perhaps we'll be back for a longer stay next time!

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