Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Say Yies! to Pies

It is the harvest season!  And to celebrate, Drew and I bought a 7 litre basket of apples!  I have no idea how many pounds that is - to carry it around, it felt like 15 to 20 lbs - definitely one and a half or two sacks of potatoes.  Lots.  We purchased Cortland apples, because they're good for eating, and also for baking!  Fortunately, my baking measurements make up in exactness what my weight measurements lack.  I have made my very first, most delicious, fresh-baked apple pie from scratch.

I used a very simple crust recipe and an apple pie recipe from a Better Homes cookbook that my mum gave me.  It cracks me up because it's from at least the mid-70s, and the photos are terribly coloured and awkwardly shot, but there's no arguing with the recipes inside.  Simply delectable.  Here's the finished product!  Nums!

[Gratuitous dessert photo: my very first pie ever, fresh peach with a crumble topping (from August)]

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