Monday, November 14, 2011

Zinfandel Deliciousness

It's not my habit to post randomly about all the wines I drink, but on Saturday night, Drew, Robin and I shared such a delicious bottle that I couldn't resist raving about it for a paragraph or two.  The wine was Ravenswood 2009 Vintners Blend Old Vine Zinfandel.  I'd had a Ravenswood Zinfandel in the past, and remembered it being spicey, black peppery, and big red cherry in the mouth.  I hadn't had anything from Ravenswood in about two years, and thought that since I'd enjoyed that Zin it would be fun to try this other one, so we went for it.  Well holy cow, it was delightful.  This wine was very different from the one I'd had before.  It was a big, juicy, chewy mouthful of fresh-picked field berries in the mouth, but it was perfectly balanced and made our cheeks water with deliciousness. The most wonderful and enthralling flavours came in the finish; we experienced a sensation of fresh-baked homemade wild-blueberry pie (at least Robin and I did**).  YUMMMMMMM!!!  Oh dear, please gods let me drink more of this until forever.

[**Note: Drew is an excellent cook.  This is all the more remarkable because his sense of smell is not strong, and he says that he doesn't have much of a palate.  Unfortunately, he didn't get the same blueberry pie finish that Robin and I tasted, but he still really liked the wine, and I think he enjoyed watching me become enraptured by it.]

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