Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Almost-winter Wonderland

This has been the weirdest winter I can remember, with constant ups and downs in the temperature, which has meant snowfalls and melts, over and over and over.  It's making it a bit challenging to get into winter activities around here, but we're trying our darndest anyway.

On Saturday, Drew and I set out to accomplish something we've been discussing for three winters: purchasing skates.  It shouldn't be hard to do, but for some reason we just didn't get it done.  So on Saturday we trekked to the neighbourhood Canadian Tire to check out the skate selection.  Sales were to be had, and sizes were available, so we walked out quite pleased with ourselves and our new skates.

Drew got some funky silver hockey skates, and I got the typical
blinding-white figure skates. If I thought I wouldn't tip over on hockey
skates, I might have gone for it. I didn't like my odds.
We headed to a frozen pond in the area, but the weird weather made the ice somewhat gummy that day, so we kept walking and ended up at one of the city's tended skating rinks, at Kew Gardens.  It was lovely!  Though it's easily been 3 years since the last time I skated, it only took me a couple of minutes before I was gliding around confidently.  With a bit more practice I think I could get back up to a general level of competence on skates even!  Not too shabby.

I'm happy we have skates now, and I think we'll get out maybe once a week or so.  We have to face the facts anyway; despite the mild, springlike weather today, there are actually two full months of winter left, and maybe some winter in April too.  Better not get too antsy just yet - lace up some skates and be happy for the ice.

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