Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What a Bonus!

What's brown, made of leather and wood, and has tiny nails all over?  Why, Maison Martin Margiela's studded wedge ankle boots in camel, that's what!  I've been eyeing these puppies for months, and due to the happy coincidence of a sale at the shoe store they were displayed in and receiving my annual bonus, they are now a happy part of my wardrobe.

I remember having a discussion with Elaine and Shiloh once about whether wedges could be interesting, or were just boring and unattractive.  These certainly fall into the interesting category.  I love the way the leather is cut out to create the appearance of a heeled boot, leaving the bare wood of the wedge visible.  Quite the interesting optical trick.  These are also amazingly comfortable, which I didn't expect from the rugged aspect of the bare wood and nails.  Walking around in them for 8 hours is easy as pie - and that can't be said for many pairs of heels, let me tell you.

I may have acquired these a season behind - which means I'll be drooling over some other pair of Margiela footwear all summer - but the wonderful thing about shoes like these is that they are perennially awesome.  Originality never goes out of style.

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