Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This Wine has a Distinctive Booze-Gravy Character

In one week's time, I will write my final wine exam.  It's the exam upon which acceptance into the rest of the somellier program depends.  No big deal though, right?  Weeeeeellllll......

In addition to other obligations - such as work and hanging out with friends and class and parents - I am dedicating the next week to studying.  I hope that this will involve some amount of drinking good wine, but I have to check my bank account balance.  In my extra-curriculars today I came across one of the most helpful lists of awesome words that should be incorporated into the wine-tasting vocabulary, care of Megan Amram.  Henceforth, I shall go out of my way to describe wine as "chubby", "deep-dish", and "wife-material" - but maybe not until I've finished (and ACED) this exam.

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