Monday, May 14, 2012

BBQ Season!

Whew! Now that the Honduras trip has been duly chronicled, it's time to get back into the present.  It's May!  And that means, BBQ time!  Drew and I set up the rooftop patio yesterday, and fired up the grill (or stoked the charcoal hibachi, as it were) for dinner.  On the menu: venison steaks (hunted by Emma's boyfriend, Matt) with roasted organic vegetables, and a tasty, easy-going merlot from the Pays de l'Aude.  
Grillin', just grillin' along
And for dessert, a homemade pie, using the last of the peaches from last season and a fresh mango.  My god, I do love baking pies.  Joy!  And welcome summer weather!

Above: Before
Right: After

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