Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Solstice Observance

The joy of summer!

Today is the longest day of the year.  My friend Hiro told me that at 7:08 this evening the sun was the closest to us that it will be all year (us in the Northern Hemisphere, that is).  It feels good to be just this close to the sun.  I understand why so many cultures through the ages worshipped the sun; I love that life-giving energy, that burning ball of cosmic fusion.  I like to observe the summer solstice by staying outside as long as possible at night, to watch the sun setting in the north-east, and think about our planet's everlasting journey around our star.  It happens to be a perfect night for staying outside late in Toronto, since it's a hundred degrees with humidity and isn't cooling down for a couple of days.

I thought I'd take some photos while I was on the roof tonight, to show you how our garden is doing.

Round One of Us vs. Raccoons is going well - *so far* the
chicken wire has worked like a charm.  See above
our maturing Red Roaster peppers


Here we have tomatoes beginning to grow! 

Delicious Herbs!  Oregano on the left, Basil below, and Rosemary and Lavender to the right

And of course along with rooftop patio summer solstice observance times, one must have a tasty wine to drink.  We have an efficient system for bringing edibles up to the roof, involving strategic placement of a stetson hat box.  Tonight I had a special delivery, a le Drew:
"Reeeeeeeeach!  Reeeeeeeeeeeeeach!"
We were drinking another bottle of Thirty Bench Riesling - it's just so refreshing and delicious!
It looks awfully good on a patio too - I love a coordination-conscious beverage

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