Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wine Ordering Adventures: An Update

As my friend Amanda recently wrote on her blog, keeping up with posts in the summer is challenging.  The summer days slip away like water through fingers, and we're already staring down the dog days and golden sunlight of August, as our planet swings through space.  I haven't been keeping up with wine posts, and there is much to tell, as the wine ordering project has been a smash hit.

In fact, the wine ordering project has become so successful that there are more and more people interested in purchasing portions of cases based on nothing but a hope, a prayer, and a little of my wine smarts (what little there be).  It's becoming challenging to truck all the wine around to people.  I think the wine agents must think I either have a severe drinking habit or a basement speak-easy (neither are true, I swear).  

So far we have ordered four wines, which I will now and subsequently provide notes for.  They are: 
Hugel Gentil 2010,  Luigi Righetti Campolieti 2009 Valpolicella Ripasso, Domaine de Triennes 2011 Rose, and Leone de Castris 2011 Five Roses Rose.  I'll start with the Domaine de Triennes, since it was the first to disappear.

This rose was lovely through and through.  From the delicate peachy-pink colour to the elegant nose of fresh field berries and light perfume.  It was a bracing, energetic wine, with a dry fruity finish.  Hailing from the sun-soaked hills of Provence, this refreshing rose pairs perfectly with anything inspired by Proven├žal dishes - think herbes de Provence, fish, chicken, potatoes, fresh fruit and greens.  It's a perfect wine for summer food.  It took some convincing to my wine ordering project peers that a rose could be dry and delicious - the overwhelming assumption is that a rose must always be sweet.  How unfortunate!  I won them over with this wine.  We are only sad that it has sold out for the season, and we have to wait for more next year.

Mostly Cinsault with Grenache, Pays du Var - France, $17.90 per 750mL

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