Sunday, September 23, 2012


My mum's dog, Eddie, driving our car.  Eddie loves cars, and
will sometimes just hang out in Stewart's truck when it's sitting
in the driveway and everyone else is inside. I guess he
just wouldn't want to miss a road trip.
 A new painting in oils, with stamped letters
in a mix of oil and India Ink.  It's my
favourite poem by Frank O'Hara,
and it's a sentiment for the doorway.
Off to the races again! I'm sporting my newest
hat by Love Charlie, which I bought this summer
in Charlottetown, at the market.

Mustache nail stickies, just for fun. (I have
the Dark Knight ones too)

NEW BIKE!  yaaaay!  This little beauty is a bike that I've
had my eye on for a while, and once my Trek bike was stolen
I looked into this one more seriously. Thanks to an end-of-season
sale, it now belongs to me.  It's a Bobbin bike, made in the UK, Birdie model.
I call it Bobby.

Finally, this is us yesterday morning, on our way
into the Toronto Zoo for the Zoo Run.  We did
a 10 km course.  Piece of cake for Drew, the
long-distance runner.  
Not so piece of cake for Kate, the short-distance
runner.  I did it, I ran the whole way, though slowly
at the end.  The first 6 km were great,
but then, just as I thought, my body went into
'hey, what the hell?' mode.  I can't blame it;
my training for this run was an absence of
training.  I'm not nice to my body sometimes.
Today, it's getting me back, as I'm walking like
an 80 year old - especially on stairs.

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