Tuesday, October 30, 2012


As per tradition, will post will give a break down of our Hallowe'en costumes this year.  Drew and I trekked out to Ottawa to see my bestie, Amy, and her partner Matt and their brand new house.  The house itself isn't brand new, but they've just bought it, and with a little paint here and there (to cover up the brick fireplace that was painted white and gold) it's looking fantastic.  Amy tends to like holidays of all kinds, but she especially likes Hallowe'en, and her costumes are usually epic.  One of my favourites was 'Roadkill Raccoon', complete with tire stripes.  It was only fitting that Drew and I timed our visit with the Hallowe'en party weekend, and party we did.  Without further ado, the costumes:

 Amy and Matt went as Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.  Matt was a very good riding hood, and carried around a basket of goodies (adult goodies, including a mickey of whiskey and a cigar... so not super accurate but way more fun).  Amy made her wolf costume out of material from Fa-bric-Land (FabricLand!) and stuffed the tail with newspaper.  Her little ears were pinned backwards, in a constant threat of merciless aggression.  The tips of her nails were painted red, as in, with the blood of unfortunate young women carrying baskets of goodies.

We saw another couple who were Riding Hood and Wolf, but they were way too boring - 'slutty' riding hood and a wolf mask.  Amy and Matt win.

Drew went as Therman, a character from 'Dinner for Schmucks' played by Zack Galifianakis.  Therman has written a book on mind control and exercises mind control on everyone he meets, especially Barry.  He also wears a jacket, and underneath that jacket, a turtle-neck dickie.  Yes, a dickie.  He wears a velvet cape to dinner as well.  All of this makes for an entertaining costume, as Drew demonstrates.  And he controls your mind, so it is impossible to not like this costume.

For the first time ever, I decided to go as a foodstuff.  That is, if you consider Candy Corn to be foodstuff.  I bought a super long white wig and styled it up into a beehive (hard to do, but on the third attempt I achieved the desired pointy head).  The rest was pretty easy, getting boxy clothes to look as triangular as possible.  The shoes were a serendipitous find, and I'm keeping them.

People that we encountered didn't know exactly what I was right away, but laughed once they found out.  I felt my effort was apreciated.  Next year maybe I'll go as chicken pot pie, or black forest cake.

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