Friday, February 22, 2013

Fall/Winter Fashion Bad-Assery

I haven't posted anything about fashion in a while, so it's about time I mentioned my other love here.  I'm motivated to write by Miuccia Prada's latest Fall/Winter Ready-to-Wear show.  Apparently, it has been much-lampooned by some critics because they think that it is just a bunch of stuff Prada has shown before.  I have no idea if this is true, because I don't usually get pulled in by Prada or pay too much attention to what she's doing.  This latest line, however, has me all day-dreamy about accessories, and even if some of the fabrics have been used before, I couldn't care less. They're bad-ass.

Specifically, this is the new shoe-of-my-dreams:

Prada F/W RTW shoes, please.
I am a big fan of the red and blue check, as is also seen in the bag below.  I like the use of primary colours, though I wouldn't put them all together at once, and I really like the juxtaposition of military/moto plus girliness in the entire line.  In general, the runway shows for fall and winter can be so.... extremely unrealistic for Canada.  That's the only right way to put it.  So, it's nice to see some foot-covering boots, with huge lug soles on them, at something other than a Sorrel footwear launch.  

It isn't *just* the shoes, though, that I like about this particular line.  Prada had me hook, line, and sinker by these:

Why yes, that *is* a warm, wooly sweater with chunky buttons under my lovely summer dress.  How very creative and also cozy!  I hate being cold, even in the name of awesome clothes.  Layering is nothing new, but the contrast of fabrics and patters here gives me inspiration to look at my own closet again and figure out new ways to stick stuff together on my body.  The only thing these girls are missing, which I find indispensable after October, are tights. 

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