Saturday, June 14, 2014

Great Expectations

Shower flowers, in Amy's yard
My best friend, Amy, is going to have a baby. It's the first baby among my close friends, though in my extended friend group there's already some babies and toddlers. It's very exciting, and also very strange because suddenly someone I'm close to is going to be a mother. I still don't feel like I'm at the right age for that kind of responsibility, but maybe no one really ever does - they just go ahead with it anyway. That seems like the right idea. Initiation by fire. 

Last weekend we had a baby shower for Amy, and held it in her back yard. Fortunately, her middle sister and a couple of her friends are also expecting, and have babies already, so she is surrounded by women who can give her lots of advice and tips, and prepare her for what's coming (a la lightening crotch, which sounds terrible. 

She got a lot of really adorable presents, and we ate delicious food and drank delicious drinks. The shower may have spurred on a little more anxiety than we'd bargained for, but that's OK too. There's A LOT of stuff that a person needs for a tiny baby (or allegedly needs, according our particular culture, though we all know that many millions of women have and raise babies without all the junk we call essential). It's actually mind-boggling. 

I'm so excited for Amy to have her little bambino! It's due in two and a half months (a Virgo). I can't wait to meet it and shower it with love. 

Me and Amy - she's 6.5 months pregnant and
you can barely tell!

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