Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Update: Killin' it February

the Heavenly Choir sings in background!
I received tons of encouraging messages after writing about 'Unproductive January,' so I wanted to give all of you lovely readers a very quick update to say that this month has been dubbed 'Killin' it February.'

After faffing about for five or six weeks (also known as 'reading,' which does, I must stress, have considerable value for my project) I finally hit the point last Wednesday when I suddenly realised that I was ready to start writing. I was reading a really enlightening and brilliant book entitled 'Unbearable Weight' when I got the itch to write - the thoughts were fully baked, they were ready to come out of my head. Since then, I've written about 10,000 words, and they're good ones, too. I've got about 20K more for this chapter, but it's not a race. It just feels nice to have sliced through the miasma of ideas with a sword of coherent thought.

While I certainly won't be sitting around and waiting for the perfect conditions, as EB White warned against, I have realised that even when I'm in a reading stage and feel like I'm really not getting much done, I'm accomplishing more than it seems. It's good to recognise that, so that I can go a little easier on myself (but not much) at those times.

I'll have some fun travel-related posts coming up, with trips to London, Paris, and Verona planned over the next few weeks. Stay tuned, and if you're in Canada, keep warm!

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