Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Heat Wave Day 4: Verge of Insanity

After two nights of fitful sleeping despite open windows and fans blowing directly on me and three or four days (depending on whether you count Sunday's 30 degrees as part of this heat wave - which many may not, as the first 30C day is usually welcomed on a weekend), the heat continues to grow.   Environment Canada says it's 33C out there right now, and registers 39C when the humidity is calculated in.   The sky is a bleached-out blue, dull like acid-wash jeans, and the breeze is warm as a blanket.  The only way to feel somewhat cool is to sweat profusely while sitting in a shady, breezy area.  This is why I decided to stay home and work from our living room today.

Colbert is seeking refuge in the bathroom in the dark, spreading himself as flatly as possible on the tiled floor.  He's very big when you see him pancaked at such an angle.  I am no cooler than I would be if I'd gone to the office, but I am wearing less clothes than I would be at the office, and in my mind that still puts a tick in the plus column in this weather.  The sheets are tacked in place over the windows, which are firmly shut against the hot breeze, and I am moving slowly and infrequently from my place on the couch.

That is one hot cat.

One new trick that I have devised in my battle to stay cool: Zing Me Iced Tea.  Zing me is a pretty sweet name for a pretty sweet tea from David's Teas (featured in Love Tea #7), whose subtitle is 'the silence of desire.'  This is a Chinese black tea with hunks of dried ginger, apricot and peach.  The apricot and peach give the tea a really juicy delicious taste, and the ginger adds a little kick to the taste-buds and the body.

I have soaked the leaves in boiling water and sweetened the tea with gobs of melty-runny honey, then dumped the tea into a big pitcher with ice cubes and a sliced lemon.  The pitcher is currently chilling out in the fridge to keep cool for when Drew gets home (bike courier!  in this weather!  it makes me want to die thinking about doing that).   I'm not sure how it will taste, but my expectations for refreshment are very, very high.

Drew's Yum Factor: to be determined.
Update: "It's great!"

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