Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Cafe Chillin'

Mismatched antique table and chairs in the Remarkable Bean

Hello Friends!

This is the first Saturday in a few weeks that I'm spending in Toronto, which is so nice.  Drew is here, even though he has a *tonne* of work to do for midterms next week.  We're taking it easy, enjoying time together while still letting Drew get work done.  I realised this morning that I haven't seen the Toronto apartment in daylight for weeks, now that the sun has started to rise around 7:30 and set around 6:30.  I'm only awake in our place during daylight for about one hour each day!  That's a real shame, because it's beautiful and the sun streams in the kitchen window and the south-facing sliding doors in the living room.  Colbie must like it I think.

The coffee roaster and blend selections at the Remarkable Bean
Today we're chilling in the Remarkable Bean - an awesome little cafe in the Beaches that roasts beans in-house and makes a Montreal-worthy cappuccino.  I spent a considerable amount of time searching for a cappuccino that was close enough to Cafe Olimpico's in Mile End that it could at least spur a reminiscence.  I was disappointed many times, as it seems that lots of places are starting to follow the Starbucks recipe: not enough espresso, too much low-fat milk (a cap really needs 3% for good foam and taste), and not enough foam in a way too big cup for way too much money.  Remarkable Bean's cappuccino is right on par with Olimpico's, which is actually completely remarkable.  They seem to follow the Real Cappuccino recipe: 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk (though I suspect they use 2%), 1/3 foam, in a small or reasonably-sized mug (a medium comes in a normal sized coffee cup, and is about as big as I would go for a good cap), all for 2.70 (only 20¢ more than Olimpico).

It's true that I am, indeed, a coffee snob.  I blame this on a number of things: a natural affinity for high-quality stuff, the fact that I worked as a barista in three of the restaurants I bartended/served in and learned under the whip how to make the best caps possible and later how to layer espresso on milk and flavours, etc., and the fact that I've travelled a lot in Europe, where making a bad cappuccino is treasonous.  I also think that there are some things in life that are worth being picky about, and coffee and wine are two of those things.
Drew studying, grooving to .Moneen., and me

So Drew is studying neuroanatomy at a cozy little table with a chess board painted on the top and pieces sitting in cups beside us, and I'm writing this post and checking emails.  There are lots of places to sit inside here though many people are choosing spots on benches outside in the sun.  Days like this could go on and on and on, and I would be perfectly happy.

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