Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I've decided that in January, I will try to participate in NaSmaStoMo - National Small Stone Month (though I suspect it should be called 'International' small stone month since I don't live in the States, hence the title of this post).  The idea is to write a 'small stone', which is an observation, each day.  The observation can happen anywhere, at any time, and all it takes is to slow your mind and reflect on what's going on around you.  I wonder if any small stones will come to me on the subway to work?

I'm looking forward to this project, in part because I've already been trying to do this with some regularity.  Tweeting in haiku has pushed me in this direction, as I have an urge to tweet something interesting, peaceful, reflective and (though rarely achieved) funny.  They're small stones in a slightly different way.  I'll be posting these small stones here each day - at least I hope to make each day, though often on weekends I won't touch a computer.  I'll write them down instead. 

If you decide to do it too, let me know, and maybe we can share small stones somewhere.


  1. awesome!

    are you only going to do it in january? or will you try for all year?

  2. i think i'll see how january goes and then decide. like i said, i do already have an interest in doing this and try to do it on twitter, so maybe all year is more feasible than it immediately sounds!

  3. Hi - Thanks for taking part.

    We're asking everyone who wants to appear in the river of stones widget and twitter feed (see A River of Stones) to label their small-stone posts with aros so I can pick them up without getting the non-stone posts.

    River of Stones Curator