Saturday, February 5, 2011

Checking Out Other People's Awesome Blogs

I love writing in this blog to you, my humble readership, but I'm very much aware that when it comes to the amazing number of great weblogs in cyberspace, mine is but a shadowy blade of grass in the Forest of Awesome.  There are blogs out there that I like even more than writing my own, because they're funnier, wittier, kept more current, or just on different topics.  I thought I'd share some of my favourites with you here, because they're so great that they're really worth sharing and checking out.  They'll make you feel good about spending tons of time on the internet.  So, in no particular order, here are a few of the really great blogs available for our casual perusal:

This blog is HILARIOUS.  I die with laughter every time I read a new post.  I die!  And since I've just discovered this blog sensation (it's been nominated for a Bloggie award) I've got lots of back-reading to do.  Some favourites so far include the Spaghatta Nadle posts (one through six), the levels of social entrapment, and the post about dogs not understanding basic concepts like moving.  The author, Allie, illustrates all the posts herself, and has mastered the difficult art of recreating the nuances of facial expressions in Paint.  
Drawing from Dogs Don't Understand Simple Concepts, Like Moving
Copyright Allie Brosh, 2011
This blog is pretty much guaranteed to make you snort with laughter - for this reason only it's sometimes NSFW.  I was reading a post at work (on a legitimate break, I would like to point out) and couldn't stop myself from laughing out loud, tears rolling down my cheeks.  Beware, but do check it out the next time you feel like making strange chortling noises all alone in a wireless cafe.

This blog is written by a 22 year old woman, Leandra, living with her folks in trendy upscale Manhattan.  The blog is fashion-focused, with a great big twist.  The premise of the blog is that haute couture is sending fashion into an androgynous new place, where silhouettes are exaggerated and the natural lines of the body are largely obscured, and as women interested in fashion we should take up the parts of this new design concept and run with it.  We should embrace the huge shoulders, the exaggerated hips, the drop-crotches, and a fiesta of patterns and colours, if we want to and if this is an expression of who we are inside, and accept that the result of this might very well repel men.  

The newbie to the concept of man repelling should check out the recent post 'Three Indications that Suggest Proper Repelling'.  It's hilarious, and very explanatory!  This blog has also been nominated for a Bloggie award, and is totally worthwhile reading.

An example of the 'More is More' rule of repelling
Copyright Leandra Medine

This blog hails from the UK, and is co-written by a group of women (as far as I can tell) who like to cook, decorate, shop, and all those other good aesthetic things, but who also have lives that overflow into other areas of interest - as all of us do.  The cool thing about this blog is that it highlights all those things that make homes comfy and closets full in a way that makes a woman in a power suit feel totally fine about letting that girly domestic side show.  One of my favourite categories of posts on this blog is called 'Shoe Porn', and wow, that is such an appropriate name!  Check out this example:
WHOA!  It really makes me wish I lived in the UK, and getting paid in Sterling, obvs.
Copyright Domestic Sluttery

This blog is about exactly what the title says: super-useless superpowers.  The wit!  The wit is astounding!  Some of the superpowers they draw are so clever that I'm much too slow to get them until I read the caption underneath each comic, c.f. PreMOMnition.  How the four authors of the blog come up with this stuff will ever remain a mystery to me; I'm just not that funny.  Polarrhoids is just one of their amazing superpower ideas:
Superpower:  Polarrhoids (hilarious!)
Copyright Superuseless Superpowers
These bloggers also recently got a book deal for their superuseless superpowers, which seems to be the funniest of a collection of blogs-turned-books.  No doubt this book would be a great awkward-situation-countering resource to keep on the coffee table for those strained silences.

This is the most down-to-earth cooking blog I've come across so far.  I like to check out a few others from time to time, but this blog is the one that most matches my own cooking style.  The author, Kim, provides recipes which are generally easy to follow and have simple ingredient lists (I hate recipes with more than 15 ingredients, and actually, 15 is reeeeeeally pushing it for me) and things tend to turn out the way they look in the photos (the ultimate proof of culinary success).  I avoid reading this blog whenever I'm feeling even the slightest bit nibbly, because I will inevitably end up drooling on my keyboard.  For example, check out this ridonkadonk looking veggie casserole with turkey (so not vegetarian, clearly): 
The Almost-Veggie Casserole, by the Ungourmet
There's a Google search function on the blog also, which makes finding recipes for things really easy.  It's a great blog to get inspiration and ideas for things to cook, even if you don't plan on following any recipe exactly.  Sometimes all you need to get creative in the kitchen is a few small ideas.

I hope you get a chance to check out some of these blogs.  They will definitely make your day, one way or another.

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