Friday, May 27, 2011


Even though spring technically started over two months ago, it's really only in the past couple of weeks that our (Canadians') definition of spring started, and really, the spring that we expect is more like summer.  That's because until it actually gets really hot outside, there's always a lingering chance that winter is still here and it will snow on us and crush our souls.  Backing this belief is the real-life threat of snow on the May long weekend - it happens, and it's terrible.

The view out my window, February

The long weekend has come and gone however, and it was beautiful and sunny and warm.  We're all officially letting our guards down, assuming that nature will reward us for suffering through the bitter cold with a blazing hot summer.  We're starting off with the tail end of storms that have ripped through the mid-western United States in a series of huge-ass tornados.  Every time I think "ugh, I wish it wasn't overcast, slightly chilly, and misting on me" I also think "oh damn, those poor people in Joplin.  I really hope they're OK" and feel like a turd for whining in the first place.

Last night was a taste of summer though.  I was biking home and it was a balmy evening in the mid-20's.  The air was close and there was a warm breeze blowing.  Toronto was alive with people and cyclists and lights and trees.  Every restaurant or bar along Bloor and Danforth either have a sidewalk patio (the majority) or a roll-up storefront, and it's like the street has exploded with life.  I've been biking along this route since September, and last night was the first time I've felt so much energy after dark.  I'm so excited to see what the city is like now that warm weather has arrived!  I think that all the places that seemed cold and dreary will start bursting with warmth and vibrance.  Bring it on Toronto, I am ready!

The same view, May.  Thanks Mother Nature!

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