Monday, May 30, 2011

Unexpected (but fabulous) Purchases

Yes folks, sometimes they happen.  You're on your best behaviour, being good with your money, not going to Starbucks for $5 crappy lattes, and generally doing great financially and in terms of your wardrobe.

Then it happens when you least expect it.  Recklessness.  Wantonness.  Complete confidence that the shoes you are looking at would look great with almost everything you own and that you can totally afford these so it's not even a big deal.  Besides, they're at Winners, so you're getting a huge deal anyway.  You know how it goes, and this is the result:

Le Canadienne clogs, too awesome and made in Montreal to boot (pun!)

Coach wedge sandals, the softest leather that has ever touched my feet
A happy ending, non?


  1. OMG those wedges!!!! The shoe gods were smilinggg :)

  2. oh! camole! the softest leather that has ever touched your feet is REALLY something too! my goodness and congrats! both super wearable and both fun. the second pair are so great for summer. and the first pair are great for all kinds of everything--like, pants, skirts, AND alternate universe crazy character extravaganza costumes too. montreal is so smart with clothing design that way!