Friday, February 10, 2012

Cashmere Undies

What's the most luxuriously warm and wonderfully soft undergarment you can think of?  Kitten-knickers might be your first answer, but kittens are difficult to wear with all their tiny claws and mewing sounds, and the general bulk involved, so think again.  If you imagine cashmere undies, then you're TOTALLY RIGHT.  And I'm wearing some right now.

At first you might think "why would anyone buy these?"  I ask you in response, why wouldn't we?  What better way to start your day than by slipping some cashmere close to your skin?  And since these undies are hand-made from upcycled cashmere by the very skilled folks at Sartoria, in Toronto, you can feel good about how socially and environmentally responsible your first choice of the day is.  Each pair is made to order, in the colour (or combination of colours) and size that you want.  They're 100% cashmere with a cotton gusset.  Mine are candy pink and chocolate brown, with pink stitching!

Here's an image from Sartoria's website (because I don't think
I'll post a picture of my bum) - how comfy do these look?!
Since being a featured seller on Etsy a few weeks ago, I'm sure Sartoria is flooded with orders right now, and doesn't need additional horn-trumpeting to garner business.  But the thing is, my undies just came in the mail last night, and I'm too taken with them to sit quietly by and not tell anyone.  I even thought about emailing my coworkers (upon reflection I think I won't).

At $45 a pop, these undies don't come cheap.  That's basically haute couture underwear right there.  The cost is totally worth it in my view.  You'll never have a more comfortable item on your bottom.  Sartoria makes men's briefs, longjohns and undershirts for both men and women, and bralettes for women in addition to these fantastic undies (which also come in different styles - high-waisted, etc).  My next purchase is likely going to be a garter-belt longjohn set - too bad it will be just in time for spring!

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