Monday, May 21, 2012

3 Things I Learned on a Long Weekend

Drew, wearing colour-change sunglasses,
a rainbow jacket with broad shoulders and
3/4 length sleeves, purple jeans, and Zack
Morris hair.  Massive cell phone
not included.
1. Dressing up in Prince-inspired 90's costumes to hit a Purplelectricity Prince party is super-duper fun.  I hypothesized that this would be the case, and found it to be true.  Drew and I had the makings of excellent outfits, and we had a dang good time dancing to amazing Prince music all night.  The DJ played two of my favourites: pussy control and superfunkycalifragisexy. Excellent!  Here are pics of our outfits, right and below.

1a) It's very difficult to get drunk at the Drake - or have a few enjoyable drinks, even - unless you're a millionaire.  Maybe not a millionaire, a thousandaire.  Seriously, the drinks are crazy expensive, and not because they stand out in quality from drinks at other bars. A lesson hard-learned but well-remembered.

Me, wearing an anhk t-shirt (as tribute
to Prince's Love Symbol), and a black
tuxedo jacket with tails (not pictured) and
shoulder pads. My hair was mostly painted black,
but this picture doesn't bring that out well.

2. Hip Hop Karaoke is amazing.  This happens on the third Friday of every month at Revival, and the people who go up to perform are *excellent* for the most part.  They take their HHK seriously, not in the sense that if it's your first time you better not try it - they're very supportive of newbies - but in that they know all the lyrics, perform them with conviction, and the two guys who run the show are also hype-guys for everyone.  It's fantastic.  There was a lot of Beastie Boys karaoke, in memory of MCA, and I have to say, many of the people who sang Beastie Boys songs were impressive, and had MCA's voice and style right on.  One guy who sang Sabotage had me a little scared, same with a guy who did Original Gangster.  They weren't messing around!

the herbs, tomatos, and peppers.  yum

3. A rooftop garden is even better the second time around.  We planted jalapenos, sweet green peppers, red roaster peppers, yellow grape tomoatos, tiny tim cherry tomatos, sugar snap peas, herbs, strawberries, and flowers. We have more plants this year, having accumulated a couple of new pots.  We're also testing out some new raccoon-proofing technology this year.  It's called chicken-wire.  Let's see how we do with our fuzzy neighbours.
flowers!  and the strawberries

Our spiffy raccoon-proofing attempt.  I hope this is enough
of a disincentive for them - there's easier food to be had than
these delicious fresh veggies!

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