Monday, January 17, 2011

Getting a Hair Cut

There are lots of instrumental reasons for getting one's hair cut.  For the past seven months, I've managed to ignore all of these very good reasons.  My hair, which I still think of as short, started out as a funky jagged asymmetrical cut in late June.  It has now become a funky, shaggy, shoulder-length 'do, and while this hasn't bothered me for the past 6 months, it has lately become insufferable.  Normally I look forward to haircuts with the enthusiasm of myself at Christmas, but I'm a bit nervous this time.

My stylist, Andrea, is tucked away in Montreal, doing her normal awesome thing.  And here I am, all the way over in Toronto.  I thought we'd be going to Montreal in the fall and planned to get my hair cut then, but because of schedules and money we weren't able to make it.  Now, we are going at the end of this month, but when I contacted Andrea it turned out she isn't going to be working on the Saturday, which is when I'd need to go in.  Sadness!

So, despite my efforts, I'm throwing my hair into the wild and unpredictable hands of a Toronto hairstylist. I'm going to go to the Aveda Academy.... which should be fun, though of course it does mean that someone who is in advanced training is going to cut my hair.  And I just really like Andrea's cuts, so I'm generally a little hesitant.  I feel like I should prepare a speech for the new stylist.  Something like "I want short hair, but not too short and not boring, and not blunt-cut, and I wear glasses every day so nothing too heavy around the face, and I like to wear hats, and I have funky style and like to try to push some boundaries around the office, wear men's sweaters and leather bow-ties, and no, I will not dye my hair."  Would that be obnoxious?  It might be called for.  I'm just not sure.

Stay tuned....  new hair-cut in t-minus 3 days!

Some of my favourite short hair styles, just for fun:

Emma Watson, looking *so great* with her new pixie cut
Hilary Swank - Just.So.Awesome.
Natalie Portman!  Drew's imaginary g/f. 
Rihanna looking totally bad-ass.

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