Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Royal Wedding Celebration!

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and his wonderfully, stunningly,
 beautiful wife, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

My friend Emily, previously mentioned for her chef skills, is a big big fan of the Royal Family.  She's such a fan that she has met a number of the members of the Family, including Prince Phillip, and she actually knows every bit of trivia, protocol, and peerage that anyone might wonder about. When the engagement of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (previously known as Will and Kate) was announced in November, she was nothing short of totally freakin' psyched.

Immediately, she started talking about having a party for the wedding.  As the days passed and the ideas for a party changed and became more concrete it became clear to me that there was definitely going to be a party that day of epic proportions.  First it was going to be a day-time party and we'd all have to take the day off, but when the Royals announced that it would be a morning service plans had to change.  It became a wedding after party as it were, and incidentally we were partying right around the time that all the young royals were partying at Harry's reception (that wild man!).

Emily's party was class all the way.  She had bartenders to serve the open-bar menu items: a Will cocktail, a Kate cocktail, and a Wedding champagne cocktail.  There was also a table that had a big pitcher of Pimms cocktail with appropriately garnished highball glasses.  There were crustless finger sandwiches, cheese plates, and the bartenders took spins around the room as waiters with plates of hot hors-d'oeuvres.  A projector played the CBC complete wedding re-run on a big screen in the middle of one of the rooms.  

In addition, hats and gloves were *strongly encouraged*, and almost everyone complied!  It was wonderful!  Being a huge fan of cocktail hats and fascinators, I was really excited to see so many great headpieces in one room.  I've never been to a party with so many great hats, and everyone looked fantastic.  The Duchess of Cambridge herself would have been extremely pleased!  It makes me wonder why we don't wear fascinators more often on nights out.  

I wore a mini-tri-corn cocktail hat, made out of vintage cream and brown houndstooth, with a cranberry ostrich feather and vintage earring at front.  I had asked the haberdasher who created the white cocktail hat that I wore to Frocktail back in November to make it for me, and was very pleased that it arrived in time for the party.  Here it is, looking so fantastic!

Me wearing my custom-made tri-corn cocktail hat made by
Two Back Flats
My hat and I enjoying a tall glass of Pimms
 This hat actually makes me excited to have long hair again, so that I can nestle it into a sweeping updo.

Drew looked fantastic.  He wore a polka-dot shirt and a black bow-tie, with a black bowler.  On our way to the party on the subway people kept saying to us "It's Will and Kate!", but clearly anyone can see that Drew is much more similar, physically, to Prince Hot Ginge (aka Harry).

Drew looking dapper in his bowler and bow-tie!
Our co-worker-friend, Emily B. wore a fantastic little purple cocktail hat made out of mesh, with purple feathers and flowers attached at the front.  It was excellent.  Our hostess, Emily J., was wearing a black gauze fascinator with white polka-dots and black feathers, made by Lilliput Hats here in Toronto.  To top off her outfit, she'd borrowed killer white leather gloves from her grandmother.  Unlike the opera-length gloves that Tara Palmer-Tomkinson wore with her unfortunate bright blue outfit, Emily's gloves were exactly right for a late-night-mid-morning wedding.

Our fine hostess, Emily, in white leather gloves
and a black fascinator from Lilliput Hats
Emily B. looking chic in a purple fascinator
The party was so much fun.  The wedding re-play eventually gave way to YouTube music videos (Thong Song was played maybe a few too many times?) and dancing.  I like to think that Will and Kate were doing the same over in Buckingham.  Maybe not to the Thong Song, but actually you never know where the random Sisqo fans will pop up, even among the Windsors.

Now I can't wait for another member of the Royal Family to get married, so that Emily can throw another amazing party!

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